Chamomile Roman 3%

RM 90.00

Botanical ID

Anthemis Nobilis

Plant part used

Flowering heads

Place of origin

Italy & France


A small perennial herb, up to 25cm high, with a hairy steam. Daisy white flowers are larger than those of German chamomile.


A pale yellow colour with a warm fruity herbaceous scent.

Method of extraction

Steam Distillation


Described as a plant of many virtues, being stomachic, hepatic, and carminative.

Blends well with

Bergamot, Clary sage, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Marjoram, Neroli, Orange, Rose, Rosewood, Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang.


Mind & Spirit – Generally used for psychological problems – moody or grumpiness or people whom are short tempered, self involved, overly sensitive or rarely satisfied. Helpful for people who think too much, are hyperactive, workaholic and worry a lot.

Body – Recommended for treating teething pain, colic or flatulence. Suitable for inhalation (than German) due to pleasing aroma – combats emotional anxiety and tension associated with asthma, hay fever and other allergies. Useful for irregular periods and PMS (bath or massage)

Skin & Hair – Reduces inflammation and accelerates healing of skin abrasions.

Diluted in jojoba oil due to price and available for immediate use on the skin.

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