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Botanical ID

Mentha Piperita

Plant part used


Place of origin

USA, Australia


A perennial herb up to 1 meter high with underground runners by which it is easily propagated.


Strongly piercing, refreshing, sharp, menthol fragrance.

Method of extraction

Steam distillation.


Peppermint, the most common of mints, has always been valued for its therapeutic properties. Mint was mentioned in Egyptian herbals as a stomach soother.

Blends well with

Bergamot, Cedarwood, Lemon, Lime, and Rosemary.


Mind & Spirit – Refreshes the spirits, beneficial for mental fatigue and situations when clear thinking and mental stimulation are required (vaporizer).

Body – Excellent for headaches and migraines related to digestive problems (massage). Effective for nausea and vomiting and relieving travel sickness (inhalation). Used in compress or base cream for the relief of muscle pain, bruises, and joint pain. 

Skin & Hair – Cools the skin and is a very refreshing skin tonic (compress and blended in cream or oil). Relieves skin irritation and itching if used in very low dilution.


Not for use during pregnancy. Use in moderation, may be slightly sensitizing due to menthol.

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